History Undergraduate Awards and Prizes

Note: These Prizes, Awards, and Bursaries are listed for information only. One can not apply for them, they are given to students who best meet the requirements listed in the terms of reference for each honour.

Bancroft Book Prize

  Awarded for best course work and examinations in the History of Britain, 1485 to the Present (currently HIST 2210). Book certificate. Value: approximately $175.00

Charles Bell Award

  Awarded to the student who has achieved the highest overall standing in HIST 1440 History of Canada. Value: $150.00
Ed and Evelyn Bell Bursary
  Awarded to a History Major student proceeding to Arts III, IV or Pre-Master's with at least one course in Canadian History. Value: $300.00
Lillilan Bellan Memorial Prize
  Awarded to the student who achieves the highest standing in the course Women in History (currently number HIST 2710). Value: $175.00
Senator Thomas Alexander Crerar Scholarship
  Three scholarships of $6,000 each awarded to students who are completing their final undergraduate or qualifying year in the Faculty of Arts and who enter in the next ensuing academic year, a graduate program in the humanities at the University of Manitoba.
James H. Gray Medal in Prairie History
  The medal will be awarded to the student who, in completing with high standing the requirements for the degree B.A. General or Honors, or M.A., attains the highest standing in courses bearing on Western Canadian History and whenever possible, Prairie History.
Interdisciplinary Approach to History Award
  Open to Major, Honors, or Graduate student taking history courses; projects to be submitted by the end of March. Value: $300.00
Kleiforth Prize in American History
  For highest standing by a full time student in HIST 2230, the American Survey. Value: Approximately $100.00.
Tony T.K. Lau Prize
  For highest standing in a course with significant coverage of the history of China.  Value: $500
Manitoba Diamond Jubilee Scholarship
  For highest standing in HIST 1440, the Canadian Survey, by a full time Arts student. Value: $125.00
The Betty Meltzer Memorial Prize in History

For highest standing in the written examinations in any first year History course, except HIST 1440, by a full time first year Arts student. Value is approximately $325.00

Senator Gildas Molgat Memorial Scholarship and Bursaries
  Two scholarships of $2000 each to students entering the fourth year of the major or honours program with enrolment in at least one Canadian History course. Two bursaries of $500 each to students enrolled full-time in the third or fourth year of a major or honours and enrolled in at least two Canadian history courses
J. Edgar Rea Prize in History
  Prize valued at $100 will be offered to a student who:
  • Is enrolled as a full-time student in any Faculty or School at University of Manitoba;
  • Has achieved the highest grade in the course Studies in Canadian History 1, when it is offered as History of Winnipeg. If History of Winnipeg is not taught during an academic year, prize will be offered in Modern Canada: 1921 to the present.
Leonard Remis Award
  Awarded to a student graduating with a major or honours degree in History on the basis of academic achievements, specifically Canadian History courses (minimum 3.5 grade point average). Value: $100.00
Gordon O. Rothney Scholarship

Awarded to a St. John's College member who is completing the second or later year of undergraduate studies with a major or minor in History who has received a grade of B or better in six or more credit hours of History in the current academic year. The recipient shall register in a program of History studies in the upcoming year including at least six credit hours in Modern World History.

PLEASE NOTE: St. John's College offers a number of other awards. For information on these awards, please visit the College website at http://umanitoba.ca/colleges/st_johns/programs/scholarships/index.html and click on the Academic Programs link or contact their General Office at 204-474-8531.

The Lord Selkirk Association of Rupert's Land Memorial Scholarship
  Two scholarships of approximately $1000.00 each, one to a student in second year History Honors, proceeding to third year, and one to a student in third year History Honors proceeding to fourth year.
The Robert Sirluck Scholarship in Canadian History
  For highest standing in two 3000-level history courses by third year Honors student who will next year study Canadian history. Value: $400.00
W.D. Smith History Essay Prize
  Awarded to a student for an original essay (not revised) in any of the undergraduate courses in history, levels 1000 to 3000 inclusive. Value: approximately $450.00
Wasyl Swystun Prize in History of Ukrainians in Canada
  Awarded to the student who has achieved the highest standing in the course The Ukrainians in Canada (currently numbered HIST 3910). Value: $100.00