Joint Master's Theses in Progress

University of Manitoba/ University of Winnipeg

Name: Anderson, Jackson
Working Title: Records of Manitoban Residential Schools in Oblate Archives
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Baisch, Coral
Working Title: The Two-Spirited Collection at the University of Winnipeg Archives: Community, Indigeneity and Queerness in the Archives
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Chartrand, Delia
Working Title: Reconciling the Archive: Creating Space for Indigenous Structured Systems of Remembrance in Canadian Archives
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Dyck, Trevor
Working Title: Archival Decolonization and Digital Technologies: A Comparative Study of Canada and the Caribbean
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Ginter, Cara
Working Title: Deviant, Deranged or Damsel-in-Distress?: Missing Women in the North American Press, 1900-1920
Advisor: David Churchill

Name: Hodge, Cody
Working Title: Wartime Vigilantism in Minnesota: 1917-1918
Advisor: Sarah Elvins

Name: Humphrey, Sharon
Working Title: ‘It’s Just a Phase, She’ll Grow Out of It’: An Examination of Subculture and Scene Social History, Community Archives and the Construction of a Historical Voice
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Lynch, Katie
Working Title: Public Memory and Archives in Kenora: Settler Histories and Commemoration
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Martin, Brynne
Working Title: Case Files: Past, Present, and Future
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Moreau, Alexandra
Working Title: The Preservation of Folklore in Franco-Manitoban Communities
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Neckoway, Robin
Working Title: Record Keeping and Hydro Development: Moral, legal, and ethical dilemmas posed by the lack of public records regarding the “development” of Manitoba’s North
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Park, Eunjung
Working Title: Against State Violence: Building Archival Works for Jeju 4.3. Incident
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Price, Scott
Working Title:
Union Records and Union Institutional Memory: What is to be done?
Greg Bak

Name: Roberts, Carly
Working Title: Artists’ Archives in the Digital Age
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name: Schers, Ashley
Working Title: Media Shift in Canadian Archival Theory and Practice
Advisor: Greg Bak

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