What Graduates Say

Interesting, practical and inspiring, these courses will challenge you to develop informed and critical perspectives on fundamental aspects of contemporary life.  My degree in Labour Studies has proven to be an invaluable resource both for my work and for the way I see the world.

Greg MacPherson, Executive Director of the West Broadway Community Organization & singer-songwriter

Here is what some graduates of the Advanced Major in Labour Studies say:

In my opinion, the Advanced Major in Labour Studies is among the most practical Arts programs available in Canada.  In my experience this degree opened up many doors not always available for an undergraduate degree.  I was able to use the extensive real research project finished in the placement course to gain a job with an international development project supported by the Canadian government in South Africa.  Of the participants in that project, I was the only person selected that hadn't completed a Masters or PhD.  I was told this was specifically because of the Advanced Major course content and field placement experience.

This undergraduate degree also allowed me to focus so many courses in the area of industrial relations.  This allowed me to use many of those courses as credit for introductory courses offered in a graduate program at the University of Toronto.  This allowed me to shorten the length of that program and graduate with a Masters in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management in a little over a year.

Jay Short, Manager of Special Investigations in the Employment Standards Branch of the Manitoba government's Department of Labour and Immigration

The additional courses and especially the practical experience that I acquired through the Advanced Major in Labour Studies are invaluable.  They really set me apart from other applicants when it came time to apply for positions in the field of labour relations.  My placement in the 4th year field placement course that Advanced Major students take was at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.  There I learned countless practical skills hat I still use today.  Not only did I gain valuable research skills, but I also learned about different dispute resolution mechanisms that are now a part of the knowledge base that I rely on daily.  I believe that the Advanced Major in Labour Studies really set me up to be successful in my chosen career as a labour relations officer for a union.  Not only did my education and experience stand out on my resume and in my interview, but I have the skills to really help people and be successful in work that I find meaningful, challenging, and rewarding.

Marise Frankel works as a Labour Relations Officer with the Manitoba Nurses Union

The Advanced Major program in Labour Studies set me on a course for success in my career.  The program's flexibility allowed me to take numerous courses that had practical implications for my first job, after graduating, as a personal injury claims adjuster.  During my final year, I participated in the field placement and it was a great way to earn Canadian experience, as I didn't have any relevant professional work experience at the time.  After completing my placement, I had grown particularly interested in pursuing a law degree in order to advance the lives of low income and vulnerable members of our society.  I think the Advanced Major in Labour Studies represents an immense investment in one's future.

David Sowemimo is currently completing a law degree at the University of Manitoba