University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Philosophy - Carl Matheson
Carl Matheson

Ph.D. (Syracuse), Professor, Department Head




Areas of Specialization:

Aesthetics, metaphysics, history and philosophy of science.

Selected Publications:

Matheson, C. & Caplan, B. (Forthcoming). Modality, individuation, and the ontology of art. Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

Caplan, B. & Matheson, C. (2008). Defending defending musical perdurantism. British Journal of Aesthetics.

Davies, D., & Matheson, C. (2008). Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Literature: An Analytic Approach. Broadview Press.

Matheson, C. & Caplan, B. (2007). Fine Individuation. British Journal of Aesthetics.

Matheson, C. (2008). Literary rationality. in Davies and Matheson.

Schroeder, T., & Matheson, C. (2006c). Imagination and emotion. in Shaun Nichols (ed.) The Architecture of the Imagination: New Essays on Pretence, Possibility, and Fiction. New York: Oxford University Press.

Martens, R., & Matheson, C. (2006b). Incommensurability pragmatized. in Adam Muller (ed.) Concepts of Culture: Art, Politics and Society (Calgary: University of Calgary Press)

Caplan, B. & Matheson, C. (2006a). Defending musical perdurantism. British Journal of Aesthetics.

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Matheson, C. (2001). The simpsons, hyper-irony, and the meaning of life. pp. 108-125 in W. Irwin et al (eds.) The Simpsons and Philosophy (Peru Ill., Open Court)

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Matheson, C. (first posted 1997). Rationality, historicist theories of. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (


Office: 455 University College

Phone: 474-8944