Mary Catherine Cartwright Fellowship in Philosophy

Mary Catherine Cartwright (Arts '26) was a keen student of philosophy who went on to have a career as a teacher and educational administrator in Toronto. At her death she left a bequest to the University of Manitoba "for the use and benefit of the Department of Philosophy as distinct from the Department of Psychology". The Mary Catherine Cartwright Fellowships for Master's students in philosophy are made possible by this generous bequest.

The number of Mary Catherine Cartwright Fellowships awarded in any one year will depend upon the amount of funds available. No award shall be made in any given year if, in the opinion of the selection committee, none of the candidates is sufficiently meritorious. The transcripts of the recipients shall include the designation "Mary Catherine Cartwright Fellow".

The value of each fellowship, when held in conjunction with a University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship, shall be not less than $4,000, nor more than the maximum amount permitted by the regulations governing the UMGF. (In 1999-2000 the value of each Cartwright Fellowship would therefore range between $4,000 and $10,000, and the total award to each successful applicant would range between $14,000 and $20,000.) The value of the fellowship, when held as an independent award, shall be the above amount plus the value of a UMGF for a student enrolled in a Master's program. (In 1999-2000, this would come to a total of not less than $14,000 nor more than $20,000.)

At the time of taking up the award, a recipient must be entering the Master of Arts program in philosophy. The recipients, and the amount to be awarded to each, shall be determined by the M.A. Committee of the Department of Philosophy. The award will be tenable for one year and will not be renewed. The recipient of a Cartwright Fellowship must have a grade point average of not less than 3.60 over a base period defined as follows: the results of at least one full year of study consisting of not less than 24 credit hours prior to the academic year during which the award is applied for, plus whatever results are available for the first term of the academic year during which the award is applied for.

To be assured of being considered for a Cartwright Fellowship in any given year, a candidate must have applied for admission to the Master's program in philosophy, and/or for a University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship tenable in the Department of Philosophy, not later than January 31 of that year.

Candidates for the Cartwright Fellowships must submit a sample of their recent philosophical writing along with their application to the Department. Fellowship winners proposing to enter the Master's program as full-time students in September will normally be notified of the award not later than the first week of May.

(Approved by M.A. Program Committee of the Department of Philosophy, February 9, 1999.)