FAQs for Sociology and Criminology Students

Why study Sociology?

Why study Criminology? 

Undergraduate FAQS

New Students

I am not currently a U of M student. How do I get into the Sociology and Criminology programs?

How do I get into the Faculty of Arts?

How do I receive credit for courses I have taken from another university?

I have 3 credit hours of introductory-level sociology from another university. Will that satisfy the SOC 1200 prerequisite (even though SOC 1200 is 6 credit hours)?

What other courses should I take in my first year if I want to major in Sociology or Criminology?


What degrees are offered in Sociology and Criminology?

Why is Criminology a part of the Sociology Department?

How do I declare a major in Sociology or Criminology?

Do I need to apply to enter the Sociology and Criminology degree programs?

I want to change my Faculty so I can major in Sociology or Criminology. What do I do?

Why can’t I minor in Criminology?

Why is there no Advanced degree option for Criminology?


When do I go see a Faculty of Arts advisor and when do I request to see a Department of Sociology and Criminology advisor? 


I want to take Criminology courses but not Sociology courses. Can that be done?

Who can take Sociology and/or Criminology courses?

How do I get into SOC 3100 (Practicum in Criminology/Sociology Field Research)?

I heard I have to get a minimum grade of 'C' in SOC 2290 (Introduction to Research Methods) to graduate; is that true?

If I take SOC 3660 (Sociology of Mental Disorder), can I use it toward my Criminology major?


Can I take a Sociology or Criminology course if I don’t have the prerequisite listed in the course description? 

Do all Criminology degree courses require SOC 2510 as a prerequisite?

Can I register for a class that requires a prerequisite if I am currently taking the prerequisite course? (e.g., Registered to take SOC 2510 in the Fall and want to register for SOC 2610 in the Winter term) 


The class I want to take is full. What can I do? 

I’m trying to register for a course, and Aurora won’t let me. What’s going on?

I am getting an error message in Aurora. What does the error mean?

Honours Program

How do I enter the Sociology or Criminology Honours stream? 

Who can approve my courses? 

What do I need to do before I register for courses? 

What do I do if I want to add or drop a course during the term?

Why can’t I declare a Minor in the Honours program – I have enough credits for one?

I plan on completing a Double Honours. Do I have to write a thesis in both subject areas?  

Graduate FAQs

What are the entrance requirements for Graduate Studies in Sociology? 

If I have degree in a discipline other than Sociology, am I eligible for graduate studies in Sociology?

Where is the application form? 

What supporting documents do I need with my application?   

If I am admitted, will I automatically receive some form of funding?

If I am admitted, will I automatically receive a Teaching Assistantship (TA)?  

Is it possible to become a Research Assistant?

Who do I contact if I have trouble uploading my application and supporting documents?

Who do I contact if I have more questions?