Why study Criminology?

Are you interested in exploring the problem of crime, the operation of law and the criminal justice system, or issues relating to social justice and human rights? 

Crime is a complex social phenomenon that has generated strong public opinions—as well as many misconceptions. Is crime increasing in our society? What groups in society are most likely to be victimized by crime? Adding social justice into the mix raises questions about the law-society relation. Why are some groups in society more likely to be caught up in the net of the criminal justice system than others? Is there ‘equality for all’ before the law? Is law part of the problem—or the solution—to the social harms produced by crime?

By undertaking a systematic study of the nature and extent of crime and explanations put forward to understand it, as well as close scrutiny of the laws and practices designed to respond to crime over time and place, students gain a better appreciation of not only the causes of crime—but also strategies for its prevention.

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