What other courses should I take in my first year if I want to major in Sociology or Criminology?

Whether you plan to Major in Sociology or Criminology, the only one of our courses you can take in your first year is SOC 1200 (Introduction to Sociology), which is a prerequisite (with a minimum grade of ‘C’) for all other SOC courses (which includes our Criminology courses). To help you choose your other first-year courses, you should consider what courses from other Departments you might want to take now or in the future – whether for your Minor or for other reasons. You should also look at the various degree requirements listed here.

A normal full course load is 30 credit hours per year. An example first-year for a student wanting to Major in Sociology or Criminology may include:

Credit Hours Course or Area
6 SOC 1200 (Introduction to Sociology)
6 An Introductory-level Humanities course (e.g., English, History, Native Studies, Philosophy, any of the languages, etc.) to satisfy the Humanities requirement. (Note that many of these courses will also satisfy the “W – writing” requirement.)
6 An Introductory-level Science course (e.g., Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, etc.) to satisfy the Science requirement.
6 to 12 Additional courses in something that interests you or an area you would like to consider as a Minor. Popular choices for Sociology and Criminology students are the following subjects: Native Studies, Philosophy, Political Studies, and Psychology – but you choose any subject area(s) that interest you.