The class I want to take is full. What can I do?

If the class has a “waitlist” option, you can choose that right away; the Aurora system will notify you if and when a space becomes available. If there is no waitlist option available for that course (e.g., for spanned 6-credit hour courses), you can check the Aurora system regularly and often during the registration period in case a space becomes available in your preferred course/slot. Many students change their course selections prior to the start of classes; you will find that spots in previously full courses will often open up. If you are on a waitlist, you can still consider a number of other options while you are waiting. First, you should look for a different section (in the case of multi-sectioned courses) that fits your schedule, or for a different course that fits your program and that has space in it. If you wait too long to choose an alternate course or section, your options will become increasingly limited as courses fill up.

If the course you need is still full on the first day of classes, and there is a compelling reason why you need to take that particular course, you may approach the instructor to request permission to be admitted above the enrolment cap. The Faculty of Arts will not grant permission to enter a full course prior to the first day of classes.

You should know that there are a number of important considerations that go into setting enrolment caps – these are not just arbitrary limits (e.g., classrooms have set maximum capacities, which cannot be changed under any circumstance). Therefore, you should be aware that requests for admission to full courses most often cannot be granted.