Sociology Methods Core

Methodology is a central component of the sociology curriculum. Without a method, it would be impossible to conduct research! Undergraduate students studying sociology in our department are introduced to a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies during their studies. At the graduate level, students have the opportunity to further develop and apply their skills through a variety of courses in statistics, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and evaluation research. 

Undergraduate Courses

SOC 2290 Introduction to Research Methods (6 credit-hours)  

SOC 3100 Practicum in Criminological/Sociological Research (6 credit-hours) 

SOC 3820 Qualitative and Historical Methods in Sociology

Honours Courses

SOC 2010 Critical Issues in Sociology 

SOC 4450 Honours Thesis Seminar (6 credit-hours) 

SOC 4570 Quantitative Social Analysis 

SOC 4580 Social Research Methods

Graduate Courses

SOC 7240 Selected Topics in Research and Methods  

SOC 7390 Survey Research Methods

SOC 7400 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 

SOC 7420 Qualitative Research Methods 

SOC 7470 Evaluating Social Programs

Special Areas of Strength within the Methods Core

Area Faculty with special expertise
Quantitative Methods Edgerton, Kampen, Linden, Peter, Wilkinson
Qualitative Methods Comack, Funk, Peter, Prentice, Smandych
Historical Sociology Hudson, Patzer, Prentice, Smandych, Woolford
Evaluation Research Cormier, Linden
Comparative Methods Edgerton, Fridell, Olsen, Patzer, Smandych