Culture and Social Relations

Culture and social relations is concerned with the ways in which social identities and relations are shaped, reproduced, and reconfigured through various socio-cultural processes and institutions.  The individual in society is a subject of research for faculty specializing in the areas of symbolic interactionism, socialization, and social psychology. Faculty in this cluster also extend the socio-cultural approach to the study of class, gender, and ethnic relations, as well as to aspects of the media, consumer culture, and other institutions.


The Individual in Society

Community Development and Urban Life

Popular Culture, Media, and Consumer Culture


Gender Relations


Undergraduate Courses

SOC 2260 Cities and Urban Life 

SOC 2320 Canadian Society and Culture 

SOC 2330 Social Psychology 

SOC 2360 Small Group Behaviour 

SOC 2370 Ethnic Relations 

SOC 2380 Sociology of Religion 

SOC 2460 The Family 

SOC 3580 Media, Culture and Society 

SOC 3730 Society & Education 

SOC 3810 Sociological Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality 

SOC 3840 Social and Community Reconstruction

Graduate Courses

SOC 7110 Seminar in Sociology of Religion 

SOC 7120 Seminar in Sociology of Education 

SOC 7160 Selected Topics 

SOC 7310 Seminar in Intergroup Relations 

SOC 7340 Seminar in the Family

Faculty with Special Expertise

Faculty Area
Dan Albas Social Psychology, Small Group Behaviour
Charles Axelrod Religion
Sonia Bookman Media, Consumer Culture, Urban Life
Jason Edgerton Education, Race/Ethnic Relations
Laura Funk Age Identity, Intergenerational Relations, Family Relationships
Gregg Olsen Music and Popular Culture
Jeremy Patzer Indigenous Relations
Tracey Peter Gender/Sexuality
Lori Wilkinson Race/Ethnic Relations
Andrew Woolford  Cities and Urban Life