Power, Privilege, and Resistance

The Power, Privilege and Resistance cluster examines the dynamics of power and the relations of ruling. It is particularly attentive to the way that class, sex/gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality and other forms of social differentiation are created and organized and how these operate to produce power and resistance.  Faculty who specialize in this area seek to understand how power is expressed through movements, institutions, and structures.


Class & Poverty

Stratification & Social Mobility

Human Rights

Social Inequality/Social Justice


Social Movements

Racialization and Ethnic Studies

Aboriginal Peoples

Gender and Sexuality



Undergraduate Courses

SOC 2310 Selected Social Problems  

SOC 2350 Collective Behaviour   

SOC 2370 Ethnic Relations 

SOC 2460 The Family 

SOC 2630 Social Change 

SOC 3370 Sociology of Work 

SOC 3380 Power, Politics and the Welfare State 

SOC 3700 Sociology of Law 

SOC 3730 Society and Education 

SOC 3750 Institutional Response to Violence in Family and Intimate Relations 

SOC 3810 Sociological Perspective on Gender and Sexuality 

SOC 3880 Global Criminology and Criminal Justice 

SOC 3890 Power and Social Inequality: A Comparative Perspective

Graduate Courses

SOC 7120 Seminar in the Sociology of Education 

SOC 7160 Selected Topics 

SOC 7300 Seminar in Law & Social Control 

SOC 7310 Seminar in Intergroup Relations 

SOC 7340 Seminar in the Family 

SOC 7480 Social Inequality

Faculty Members with Special Expertise

Elizabeth Comack

Jason Edgerton

Mara Fridell

Mark Hudson

Gregg Olsen

Jeremy Patzer

Tracey Peter

Susan Prentice

Russell Smandych

Lori Wilkinson

Andrew Woolford