Social Policy and Practice

The state and its various policy domains are the focus of the Social Policy and Practice cluster. Research and teaching in this area emphasize that the state and its policies are products and sites of struggle. Faculty members undertake analysis of social and public policy and corresponding practice—comparatively, historically, and through close case study. 


Welfare State Analysis 

Multiculturalism and Diversity 





Social movements

Undergraduate Courses

SOC 2370 Ethnic Relations 

SOC 2460 The Family 

SOC 3100 Practicum in Criminological/Sociological Research (6 credit-hours) 

SOC 3380 Power, Politics and the Welfare State 

SOC 3540 Sociology of Health Care Systems 

SOC 3640 Families in Social Crisis 

SOC 3730 Society & Education 

SOC 3750 Institutional Response to Violence in Family and Intimate Relations

Graduate Courses

SOC 7160 Selected Topics 

SOC 7129 Seminar in Sociology of Education

SOC 7320 Political Sociology 

SOC 7340 Seminar in the Family 

SOC 7370 Issues in Health Care Seminar 

SOC 7470 Evaluating Social Program

Faculty Members with Special Expertise

Frank Cormier

Jason Edgerton

Christopher J. Fries

Gregg Olsen

Susan Prentice

Lori Wilkinson