Sociology and Criminology at UM

Our department is home to award-winning teachers and researchers who specialize in a variety of areas within the discipline. Areas of speciality, in addition to theory and methods core areas, include: criminology and social justice; culture and social relations; population health and wellness; power, privilege, and resistance; global sociology; and social policy and practice.

The Department of Sociology and Criminology is one of the largest in the Faculty of Arts. At the undergraduate level we offer General Major (3-year) and Honours degrees in both Sociology and Criminology as well as 4-year Advanced Majors and Minors in Sociology.

As of January 2018, we have 340 General Majors, 17 Advanced Majors (Sociology only), 31 Honours, 27 Master’s, and 8 PhDs.

Members of the Department of Sociology and Criminology have affiliations with other research institutes, centres, facilities, and groups. Some of these include: