Senior Scholars & Professors Emeriti


Elizabeth Comack, Distinguished Professor Emerita
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Social Justice

Socio-Legal Studies


Faculty Profile


Raymond F. Currie, Professor Emeritus
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Indigenous Studies

Research Methods

Social Statistics


Project Coordinator,

Circles for Reconciliation

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Leo Driedger, Professor Emeritus
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Sociology of Mennonite and other Anabaptist Religious Groups


Identities & Inequalities



Karen Grant, Senior Scholar
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Sociology of Health

Gender-Based Analysis in Health Research

Women and Health Reform


Rod Kueneman, Senior Scholar
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Contemporary Theory

Urban Sociology


Alexander Segall, Professor Emeritus
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Health and Wellness

Social Determinants of Health

Population Health Promotion

Healthy Active Aging

Illness Narrative Accounts

Research Affiliate,

Centre on Aging


Jane Ursel, Senior Scholar
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Domestic and
Family Violence

Institutional Response to

Evaluation Research

Qualitative Methods

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