Sociology Graduate Student Theses


Abdul-Bari Abdul-Karim (M.A.) "Barriers to Foreign Credential Recognition, Access to Regulated Professions and Successful Integration into the Canadian Labour Market" (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Cynthia Agotse (M.A.) "Juvenile Justice in Africa: An Assessment of Adherence to International Law on Preserving the Rights of Child Offenders" (R. Smandych, advisor)

Lisette Dansereau (M.A.) "The emotional labour of front line care work" (L. Funk, advisor) [additional contributions by C. Albas (Sociology), D. Albas (Sociology), and D. McPhail (Community Health Sciences)]

Noelle Dietrich (M.A.) “The Closure Factor: An Autoethnographical Analysis of the Justness of Restorative Justice after Murder” (C. Axelrod, advisor)

Cosmos Domfeh (M.A.) "A Qualitative Inquiry into The Socio-Economic Conditions of Nigerian Immigrant Families in Canada" (L. Wilkinson, advisor)
Worlanyo Dovoh (M.A.) “The International Criminal Court and Africa: A Critical Analysis of Competing Views of the Success of the Court in Protecting Human Rights in African Countries” (R. Smandych, advisor)
Rômulo Estevan Schembida de Oliveira (M.A.) “Police and Market: The Creation of Pacifying Police Units in Rio de Janeiro” (R. Smandych, advisor) 

Keelin Griffin (M.A.) "Does the State Matter? Politics, Policy, and Community Economic Development in Manitoba and British Columbia" (M. Fridell, advisor)

Wanda Hounslow (M.A.) "Genocide and the Maintenance of Power: Settler Colonialism and the New Liberal Order, 1950 - 1970" (A. Woolford, advisor)

Aminul Islam (M.A.) "Perceived Discrimination among Immigrants to Canada: Examining Some Socio-Demographic Factors" (R. Linden, advisor)

Katelyn MacKenzie (M.A.) "Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in Canadian Crime Films" (S. Bookman, advisor)


Mariah Baldwin (M.A.) “Domestic Homicide Policy Responses in Canada: Exploring the Diversity of Models and Their Potential for Tertiary Prevention” (E. J. Ursel, Advisor)

Jeffery Biegun (M.A.) “A Validation Study of the ‘Problem Video Game Playing Test’ (PVGT) in an Undergraduate University Sample” (J. Edgerton, advisor)

Shanise Burgher (M.A.) “The Punitive Turn? Assessing the Impact of the Harper Government’s Tough on Crime Legacy” (E. Comack, advisor)

Mateja Carevic (M.A.) “Deconstructing Transitional Justice in Croatia: Understanding Peacebuilding Developments in the Context of Conflicting Discourses and Competing Truths” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Ryan Catte (M.A.) “Twenty First Century Policing: An Evaluation of the Winnipeg Police Service Smart Policing Initiative” (R. Linden, advisor)

Efe Ehigiato (M.A.) “Nigerian Immigrants’ Experiences Accessing and Receiving Health Care Services in Canada” (L. Funk, advisor)

Nicole Macinnis (M.A.) “Sexual Assault Reporting Rates in Canada: An Exploration of Factors Involved in Victims’ Reporting Decisions” (T. Peter, advisor)

Yi Jack Shen (M.A.) “A Multinomial Logistic Regression Analysis of Youth Gambling in Manitoba Using Cycle 2 of The Manitoba Longitudinal Study of Young Adults” (J. Edgerton, advisor)

Jacob Simoens (M.A.) “A Qualitative Evaluation of One Diversion Program for Domestic Violence Cases in Winnipeg” (E. J. Ursel, advisor)


Md. Mahmudur Bhuiyan (Ph.D.) “Understanding and Explaining Social Welfare Policies in Developing Nations” (G. Olsen, advisor)

Jill Bucklaschuk (Ph.D.) “In Pursuit of Permanence: Examining Lower Skilled Temporary Migrants’ Experiences with Two Step Migration in Manitoba” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Tamara Edkins (M.A.) “ ‘Does it Get Better?’: Childhood Bullying and the Positive Mental Health of LGBT Canadians in Adulthood” (T. Peter, advisor)

Amanda Nelund (Ph.D.) “Engendering Alternative Justice: Criminalized Women, Alternative Justice and Neoliberalism” (A. Woolford, advisor)

Shahrokh Rezania (M.A.) “Refugee Fathers in a New Country: The Challenges of Cultural Adjustment and Raising Children in Winnipeg, Canada” (R. Smandych, advisor)