Pathways to Price Faculty of Engineering from other Colleges/Universities in Manitoba

The goal of the Engineering Pathways Office is to support and grow the enrolment of hybrid engineering students and students from other Manitoba post-secondary institutions to engineering programs at University of Manitoba. 

We currently have equivalency assessments completed for the following Manitoba post-secondary institutions

  • Red River College
  • Université de Saint-Boniface
  • University College of the North
  • University of Brandon
  • University of Winnipeg

Equivalency/Transferable Courses

Click here to find out more details on the current equivalencies for the above post-secondary institutions. We recommend you review the information at this link if you have graduated or are currently enrolled in one of the above institutions. At this link you can find out what accepted applicants are eligible to transfer to our Engineering degree programs.


If you are thinking about applying and you are currently from another Manitoba post-secondary institution there are potentially 2 main methods of entry into the Price Faculty of Engineering

  1. Admission to the Preliminary Year
    • Students applying directly from high school or with less than 8 half-year courses completed will be assessed on their high school marks
    • Students with a degree or recognized engineering technologist diploma will be assessed based on their degree/diploma GPA. (This is what applies to a RRC Diploma holder or applicants that have completed a university degree)
  2. Admission to a degree program (Biosystems, Civil, Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering)
    • Students must complete at least 8 of 12 preliminary year courses to be considered for admission. Admission is based on the best 8 preliminary year courses the student has completed. (Currently you can complete at least 8 of 12 preliminary year courses at Université de Saint-Boniface, University College of the North and University of Winnipeg)

If you are not eligible to apply for entry by one of the above 2 methods then we recommend students to apply to other Faculties as you see appropriate (for example Science, Arts) or General Studies/Extended Education (recommended) to complete at least 8 of the 12 preliminary year courses before applying to an engineering program at a future date. This would apply for students from University of Brandon and University of Winnipeg.

Important to note: students that are either a RRC diploma holder, other diploma holder or applicants that have completed a university degree and get accepted to Engineering - Undeclared will take this time period in Engineering to complete the balance of the 8 of the 12 preliminary year courses required for admission to an Engineering degree program. Once the 8 of the 12 preliminary year courses are complete Engineering – Undeclared students can apply to the Engineering degree program(s) of their choosing.

RRC Diploma holders who wish to participate in the Price Faculty of Engineering Co-operative Education and Industrial Internship Program (Co-op/IIP) and meet the entrance criteria, may, upon acceptance into the program, apply to have their RRC cooperative education work term credits transferred. This will be done on a case by case basis.

All admission requirements, deadlines, and procedures can be found in the Price Faculty of Engineering Admission Bulletins. We recommend applicants to refer to Engineering admission site for current information.

After reading all the information available online and before applying we recommend you contact

For more information about the Engineering Pathways , please contact:

J.P. Burak, P.Eng., M.Sc.
Lead - Partnerships, Mobility and Advising for Hybrid and International Programs
E1-290 EITC
Phone: (204) 474-8974