Construction Engineering and Management

Research in construction engineering and management encompasses three main areas:

  • Sustainability in Construction
  • ICT (Information and Communication) in Construction
  • Construction Health and Safety

Sustainability in Construction

Research in this area focuses on the whole life appraisal and post occupancy evaluation of green buildings in use in Canada.  The objectives of this research include:

  • Evaluating the economic performance of existing green buildings
  • Evaluating their environmental performance
  • investigating occupant satisfaction, behaviour and use of green buildings

Other goals involve evaluating existing green building assessment tools and green building education and training to improve the skill set of new entrants and existing practitioners.

ICT in Construction

Research in this area focuses on the use of information and communications technologies to improve collaborative working in construction industry.  Specific objectives include:

  • Developing evaluation models for collaborative decision making in the industry
  • Establishing benchmarks for effective group meetings and collaborative decisions
  • Investigating the effects of ICT use on the effectiveness of collaborative decision making

Construction Health and Safety Management

Research in this area focuses on assessing occupational health and safety management with the aim of improving health and safety performance in construction industry.  The objectives of this research involve:

  • Developing evaluation models and benchmarks for health and safety management practices and performance at the industry, organizational and project levels
  • Investigating the relationship between management and performance
  • Evaluating health and safety education and training to improve health and safety management

Professors in Construction Engineering and Management:
Dr. Mohamed Issa, P.Eng.