Previous Announcements

Course number changes effective September 2018:

Technology, Society and the Future - CIVL 4460 changed to ENG 3020; either course is accepted in the civil program. 

Course number changes effective September 2017:

Engineering Economics - CIVL 4050 changed to ENG 3000; either course is accepted in the civil program.

GEOL 2250 is no longer offered and has been replaced with GEOL 1340 - The Dynamic Earth; either course is accepted in the Civil program.

Changes to Written English Requirement (previously ENGL 1400 or ENGL 1310)

Effective September 2016, students may take courses to satisfy their written english (W) requirement from the approved list. ENGL 1400 and ENGL 1310 are still acceptable, however if you would like more choice please refer to the list of approved courses.

ENG 2010 is being replaced as of Fall 2015

ENG 2010 will no longer be offered after the 2015 summer term. Two new Technical Communications courses will be offered as follows:

ENG 2030 Engineering Communication: Strategies for the Profession  (Dr. Ingram): Students work in a team-based environment to produce deliverables comparable to the engineering workplace. In-class tutorials focus on the sharpening of the individual student's writing skills through an analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking approach. Students are exposed to a variety of communicative scenarios and emphasis is placed on development of a repertoire of skills necessary for effective communication in the engineering profession. Pre-requisites: ENGL 1400/1310 or equivalent and ENG 1430.

ENG 2040 Engineering Communication: Strategies, Practice and Design (Dr. Parker):  This team-based course focuses on a rhetorical approach, communication strategies and guided practice in the design of engineering communications. Pre-requisite: ENGL 1400/1310 or equivalent and ENG 1430.

Civil students must complete one of these three courses.