Program Requirements & Timetables

Students are expected to follow the model program plans applicable to their year, as timetabling and course offerings are based on these plans. New students coming into the department should refer to Civil Engineering Registration Information for details.

Students new to the University of Manitoba may find our Information for New Students helpful.

If you encounter any problems when registering for your courses, please call our office at 204-474-9220 for assistance.

Model Programs

These models show all courses required for a Civil Engineering degree, which term courses are offered, and the pre/co requisites. The model program that is applicable to a student is determined by the year they were admitted into Civil Engineering. Curriculum changes in subsequent years may not affect a student’s model program. Please select model based on the year you were admitted to the Department. 

Model - Fall 2020 Intake Model - Fall 2019 Intake
Model - Fall 2018 Intake Model - Fall 2017 Intake
Model - Fall 2016 Intake Model - Fall 2015 Intake
Model - Fall 2014 Intake Model - Fall 2013 Intake


Timetables with 2nd, 3rd, 4th year courses offered, including prerequisites and instructors.

 **NOW POSTED**   *Please check frequently for updates*

TIMETABLE 2020-21: 5 year model (minor revisions - Jan 2021)

Timetable Template Excel - use this blank timetable sheet to help schedule your courses for each term.

Course Descriptions

Please refer to the University of Manitoba general calendar for current course descriptions for all courses or see the following links:

First Year Engineering Course Descriptions
Civil Engineering Core Program Course Descriptions
Civil Engineering Technical Elective Course Descriptions