Registration Information

Determine your Registration Time for the Fall/Winter 2020-21 terms through Aurora Student on or after July 10, 2020. Login to Aurora, select "Enrolment and Academic Records", then "Registration", and then "Registration Time & Status". Registration for Engineering students is July 23 - August 11, 2020.

Register for both Fall AND Winter terms as soon as your registration time begins as available seats fill quickly. If you encounter any problems when registering, please call our office immediately at 204-474-9220.

Access the following files from the website:

  • Model - Fall 20XX Intake: This document shows you what courses to register for each term and can be used to track your progress towards completing your degree. Select the model for the year you were accepted into the department. (New Civil students would select 2020).
  • Timetable 2020-21: Timetables with 2nd, 3rd and 4th year courses offered in the fall and winter terms, including prerequisites and professors/instructors.  Location of lectures/tutorials can be found in Aurora Student.

Choose a model program: 4 or 5 year

All students are expected to follow a model program. There are 4-year and 5 year programs to choose from. Models are designed so that there will be no timetable conflicts or prerequisite errors in future years that could delay graduation. Most CIVL courses are only offered once per year, either in the fall or winter term. Technical elective courses are typically offered on a two year rotation. The model program that is applicable to you is determined by the year you were admitted into Civil Engineering. Make sure to select the correct model. Curriculum changes in subsequent years may not affect your model program.

4-year Model

If you have completed all first year courses, and are are planning to take up to 6 courses each term, choose the 4-year model. Register for all the courses indicated each term.

5-year Model

If you have not completed all first year courses, or you prefer to take 5 courses per term, chose the 5-year model program.

  • Check off the courses you have already successfully completed. (A grade of "c" or higher is required for all courses.)
  • Register for the 2nd year courses indicated in the model.
  • Fill in the extra spaces with the remaining first year courses.
  • If you cannot fit the first year courses into your timetable, keep in mind that most first year courses are also offered in the summer term. Courses that are not prerequisites for second term courses, could be taken in the following summer session. (e.g. ENG 1450, or the complementary elective from Arts or Management ). However, all first year courses must be completed before continuing to third year. Students who have not completed MATH 1710 or MATH 1210 or ENG 1430 should take them first term. Register for MATH 2130 in second term, and take MATH 2132 in first term of the following year.  Students should complete all math courses before continuing to third year.
  • If you have already taken all first year courses, and wish to continue on the 5-year model program, register for the second year courses first, and then fill in your schedule with one or two third year courses. (e.g. CHEM 1310, CIVL 2800 first term and CIVL 2780 second term).

Decoding Aurora Student
Common error messages in Aurora Student

CLOSED SECTION The course is full. If the course has a waitlist, add yourself to the list and be sure to check your UofM email regularly in case a space becomes available. ENG XXXX courses tend to fill up quickly. Register for them as soon as possible.
LINK ERROR You have not registered for the lab, or you have registered for the incorrect lab
MUTUAL EXCLUSIVE There is an issue with a previous course that you have completed. Contact your student advisor for assistance.
PREREQ Check to make sure you have the prerequisites. Aurora does not always recognize equivalent courses or transfer credits. Contact your student advisor for assistance.
No Class Found You are probably trying to register for a course that is not offered in that term. Check the term and try again.
PROGRAM RESTRICTION Course is not available to students in your degree program. If this is a required course contact your student advisor for assistance.
REPEAT HRS You are registering for a course that you have already completed. A minimum grade of "C" is required for all courses in the Civil degree. Students may not repeat courses graded "C" or higher without approval of the Department Head.
TIME Timetable conflict. Try choosing another lab section.

Prerequisites and Timetables
All students are expected to follow the model programs. The department does not give permission for prerequisite over-rides or timetable conflicts. In extreme situations (e.g. serious medical conditions) students may request special permission by writing a letter of explanation to the department head. Failing a class, or failure to follow the model programs are not valid reasons.

Acceptance into the Department of Civil Engineering is competitive, based on GPA. Therefore, we have high expectations of the students who are accepted into the program. Students are expected to attend all classes, labs and tutorials, complete assignments on time, study for tests, mid-terms and examinations, and achieve passing grades. The main reason for poor grades is poor time management. Failing a course will disrupt your schedule by causing prerequisite problems and timetable conflicts. Failing just one course can delay your graduation by one year. If you make education your first priority and use your time wisely, you will achieve marks you can be proud of.

Additional Information
Please review the other files on the web page for information on Arts and Management electives, technicial elective courses, minors, and co-op. For further information on Price Faculty of Engineering policies and procedures, please read the University of Manitoba Undergraduate Calendar, and the UMES ENGENDA.

Civil Enginering Student Advisor:

Pat Fedirchuk
Room: E1-368
Telephone: 204-474-9220