Undergraduate Courses

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Fluid Mechanics

Definition of fluid; fluid properties; variation of pressure in a fluid; hydrostatic forces; buoyancy; kinematics of flow; control volumes; continuity; Bernoulli's equation; momentum equation; energy equation; flow in closed conduits; open channel flow.

CIVL3740 Hydraulics


Hydraulics of uniform and gradually varied flow; backwater computation and classification of surface water profiles; hydraulics jumps, spillways, and stilling basins; flow over weirs; hydraulic models; theory of turbo-machinery.

CIVL3750 Hydrology


Basic hydrological processes; precipitation; evapotranspiration; infiltration and runoff; analytical methods; hydrograph theory and application; application to reservoir design; project floods and flow forecasting; statistical analysis.


Design of Urban Water Systems

Water supply and the design of water distribution systems. Urban hydrology and design of wastewater and storm water collection systems. Manitoba specific applications will be discussed.

CIVL4470 Watershed Processes


Rainfall-runoff processes, flood routing; characteristics and mechanics of flow in (natural) channels; computer modelling of watershed hydrology and hydraulics; influence of man-made structures; river morphology, sediment transport prediction, design of a stable channel; river ice processes.

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