Arctic Climate Change Youth Forums

The Arctic Climate Change Youth Forum (ACCYF) is a youth oriented, day long conference devoted to raising awareness of climate change and ongoing research in Canada's Arctic. The conference is held in conjunction with a scientific meeting and features keynote speakers and presentations from scientists in the forefront of Arctic research. ACCYF is co-hosted with a high school, and aims to bridge Arctic science with science education.

Objectives include:

  • Introducing high school students and teachers to the science behind climate change
  • Engaging students in discussions around the complex issues surrounding climate change research and its implications
  • Providing an opportunity to discuss the role of science and Inuit traditional knowledge in policy and decision making
  • Providing Canadian youth with an outlet to share and express their thoughts about climate change in the Arctic, its impacts on the global scale, and their roles and responsibilities as Canadians
  • Introducing teachers to programs and resources related to Arctic climate change research
  • Showcasing some of Canada's leading Arctic climate change research initiatives

Visit the ACCYF website.