Schools on Board Program

Each year, a team of high school students and teachers are selected from across Canada to participate in an ArcticNet research program on board the CCGS Amundsen. This national field program exposes participants to the research objectives and methods of numerous science teams representing a number of research disciplines from institutions across Canada. While on board, participants are completely integrated with sampling operations conducted on the ship, providing a unique, authentic learning experience.

Highlights include:
  • Travel to the Canadian Arctic
  • Face-to-face interactions with scientists and Canadian Coast Guard personnel
  • Focus on Arctic climate change sciences
  • Field work and lab activities with researchers and graduate students
  • Being a member of a small team of high schools students from across Canada

Schools on Tundra  - Sub-Arctic Field Program

Building on the success of the ship-based field program, Schools on Board partnered with the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) and Parks Canada to pilot this subarctic terrestrial based outreach program in the winter of 2013. Similar to the ship-based program, Schools on Tundra takes a small team of high school students and teachers from across Canada to Churchill, MB. Participants work with scientists to conduct field and lab work and also learn about their research through lectures and workshops.   

The CNSC is an ideal location as it hosts scientists studying a diverse range of topics. It is also ideally situated in an area that is a complex of biomes including marine, northern boreal forest, and tundra.

Highlights include:
  • Travel to Churchill, MB
  • Accommodations at the CNSC
  • Focus on subarctic science conducted by scientists stationed at the CNSC and Parks Canada staff
  • Cultural activities
  • Interaction with elders and local politicians

Running on odd years, the next program scheduled to take place in February/March of 2015. 


Visit the field program website.