Check out “Expedition Churchil - A Gateway to Arctic Research” from University of Manitoba on Vimeo. 

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Schools on Board - Climate Change Research


Photos from the Canadian High Arctic Research Station


Five Year Study: Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost (SWIPA)


Dr. David Barber Talks About SWIPA Findings


Dr. Søren Rysgaard Talks About SWIPA Findings


Dr. Christine Michel on Sea Ice Research


Søren Rysgaard: Arctic Geomicrobiology and Climate Change


What Changing Sea Ice Tells Us About Climate Change


Marine Research in Canada's North




Schools on Board


A Conversation with Dr. Gary Stern


Ask an Expert: How can you avoid too much mercury in your diet? Dr. Gary Stern


Dr. Gary Stern on sea ice and contaminants


The University of Manitoba's Extreme Weather Expert - Dr. John Hanesiak


So you want to be a storm chaser? - Dr. John Hanesiak


Ask an Expert: How to stay safe if you see a tornado. - Dr. John Hanesiak


Frost Flowers - ASP website


 Frost flowers grow at outdoor Arctic sea ice lab




Visionary Conversations: Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

featuring David Barber and John Hanesiak


Visionary Conversations, a Modern Agora


What impact will climate change have on polar bears?


Arctic sea ice vanishing faster than imagined


The University of Manitoba as a leader in climate change research


Life in the Sea Ice


CBC The National: Arctic Nights

CBC filmed a three-part documentary on board the Amundsen with CEOS scientists. Click the image to watch on the CBC website.


David Barber on Mansbridge One on One

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