Heather Stark

Project Coordinator, Churchill Marine Observatory

Centre for Earth Observation Science, Department of Environment and Geography
Supervisor: Dr. David Barber

M.Sc. Environment and Geography (University of Manitoba)
B.Ed. Junior and Intermediate (Nipissing University)
B.A. Geography (Nipissing University)


I am the Project Coordinator for the Churchill Marine Observatory (CMO), a highly innovative multidisciplinary research facility in Churchill, Manitoba. I am responsible for the facilitation and coordination of research related activities for CMO’s Scientific Director (Dr. David Barber), project teams, the facility’s principal users, and internal departments here at the University of Manitoba. I manage the CMO budget allocations and all scientific and logistic equipment purchases. I coordinate the use of CMO’s facilities and equipment for research and remote field campaigns, e.g. CMO’s Environmental Observatory oceanographic mooring network, and the research related activities on CMO’s near shore research vessel, the MV William Kennedy.

Contact Information:

472 Wallace Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2
(204) 480-1061


Heather Stark