Mostafa Fayek

Centre for Earth Observation Science, Geological Sciences

Ph.D. Univ. Saskatchewan, Canada (1991-1996)
B.Sc. Honors Carleton University, Canada (1985-1989)


GEOL 4300, Mineral Deposits
GEOL 7540, Isotope Geology and Geochronology

Research Interests:

My research interests focus on using light and heavy stable isotopes to trace element cycling between the Earth’s crust, the hydrosphere, and biosphere.  I apply in situ micro-analytical (e.g., SIMS) and synchrotron techniques to study tectonics, the timing of geofluids in various geological environments and ore deposit systems.  My research also includes the study of actinide migration in near surface environments, the kinetics of light stable isotope exchange in minerals, and the application of isotopic tracers in archaeological studies. 
I am co-director of the Manitoba Isotope Research Facility (MIRF), which houses the Ar-Ar, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) and Stable Isotope Laboratories.  


Department of Geological Sciences
240 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Rd.
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
(204) 474-7982 (W)
(204) 474-7623 (fax)