John Iacozza

Senior Instructor

Department of Environment and Geography

Ph.D. University of Manitoba (2003-2011)
M.A. University of Manitoba (1994-1997)
B.Sc. (Hon.) McMaster University (1990-1994)


GEOG 1290 Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG 2700 Introduction to Arctic System Science
ENVR 2810 Environmental Critical Thinking and Scientific Research
GEOG 3200 Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEOG 3390 Introduction to Climate Change and Its Causes
GEOG 3810 Quantitative Research Methods in Geography
GEOG 4200 Advanced Methods in Remote Sensing

Research Interests

My current research interests focus on: (i) an examination of the physical dynamics of snow distributions as a habitat characteristic for marine mammals and (ii) investigation of climate change implications on snow-covered sea ice and habitat. Most of the current literature on habitat characteristics has focused on sea ice characteristics and changes. However, snow distribution and other characteristics are just as important for the habitat of large marine mammals such as polar bears, whales and ringed seals.  Presently I am focused on examining changes in the physical Arctic marine environment and the consequences on marine mammals (polar bears and whales).  I use remote sensing technologies, such as helicopter-based induction systems and satellite-based microwave SAR imagery to estimate the snow-covered sea ice properties in the physical environment. In addition, I am working on developing an algorithm to identify targets in remotely sensed imagery (aerial photographs or satellite images) that may be applied to marine mammals.  This can be used to develop better seasonal population estimates for management purposes.


250 Wallace Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2

(204) 474-8483