Dr. Mary Benbow


Associate Professor

Department of Environment and Geography
Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources

Senior Fellow - St. John's College

Associate Dean (Academic) - Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and resources.

Ph: (204) 474-9753
St. John's College





Doctor of Philosophy-University of Liverpool, 1991

Bachelor of Arts - Honours-University of Liverpool, 1986


Recent Courses Taught

GEOG 3860 Special Topics in Geography “Animal Geographies”   3 credit hours

GEOG 2620 Geography of Environmental Changes (PS) 3 credit hours     

GEOG 2410 Geography of Tourism and Recreation (HS) 6 credit hours     

GEOG 1200 Introductory Geography (Physical Geography Part B)  3 credit hours

Interests and Expertise

My primary research interests focus upon the social, cultural, and environmental implications of zoos and aquariums. This research looks at how these cultural institutions affect human perceptions of animals and conservation that in turn impact how animals are managed. This forms part of a broader field Animal Geographies that looks at the multifaceted roles that animals play in our lives and seeks to illuminate the complex relationships between humans and animals.

My additional research interests involve the scholarship of teaching and learning within which I focus on learning styles and learning journals. This research examines the impact of teaching using Kolbs experiential learning model, the effect on student learning by the use of learning journals, and the resulting changes of student attitudes to subject matter.

Recent & Significant Publications
Articles in Journals (refereed)

"Reading the Zoo Map: Cultural Heritage Insights from Popular Cartography" - International Journal of Heritage Studies - 2008

"Family Leisure, Photography and Zoos: Exploring the Emotional Geographies of Families" - Social and Cultural Geography - 2007

"Naturally Cultural: The Zoo as Cultural Landscape" - The Canadian Geographer - 2006

"Death and Dying at the Zoo" - Journal of Popular Culture - 2004

For information on my current research projects please visit my website.