Dr. Jill Oakes


308 Sinnott Bldg.
(204) 474-7352

Aboriginal Issues Press

Research Interests

Increasing our understanding of human adaptation to environmental change draws together multi-disciplinary factors. My research interests explore the factors influencing humans and our environment within a cultural context. I am especially interested in families living in the polar and sub-arctic regions, as well as island populations. Traditional knowledge and the processes used to pass knowledge on from one generation to the next, informal subsistence economy, the meaning and importance of place (eg heritage sites) or lifestyle (eg hunting + trapping), gender and role definitions, and the relationships between traditional and scientific knowledge are some of my research interests,.


Courses I teach include:
GEOG 7010
Sacred Lands
GEOG 7260
Selected Topics in Regional Geography: Arctic
GEOG 3750
Northern Environments
GEOG 3770
International Development Issues
GEOG 4260
Sacred Lands
GEOG 4670
Selected Topics in Regional Geography: Arctic



I am the author, co-author, editor, or co-editor of over 100 publications, including 15 books published by Douglas & McIntyre, Smithsonian Institute,
University of Alaska Press and Aboriginal Issues Press. A few titles are: “Spirit of Siberia”, “Kamik”, “Footsteps on the Sacred Earth”, “Sacred Lands”.