Winnipeg observations from the storm of May 11, 2004

    METAR CYWG 111100Z 10011KT 15SM BKN041 OVC085 04/M07 A3012 RMK SC5AC3 VIRGA SLP208
    SPECI CYWG 111155Z 08016KT 15SM -SN BKN021 OVC040 RMK SC6SC2
    METAR CYWG 111200Z 09016KT 12SM -SN BKN017 OVC040 04/M04 A3009 RMK SC6SC2 SLP200
    SPECI CYWG 111205Z 10012G20KT 1 1/2SM -SN SCT008 OVC017 RMK SC3SC5
    SPECI CYWG 111210Z 10016KT 1SM R36/P6000FT/D -SN OVC015 RMK SN2SC6
    SPECI CYWG 111215Z 10024KT 1/2SM R36/3500VP6000FT/D SN OVC008 RMK SN6SC2
    SPECI CYWG 111225Z 10017G27KT 1/4SM R36/2400V6000FT/N +SN VV002 RMK SN8
    SPECI CYWG 111238Z 10015G20KT 1/2SM R36/3000FT/U SN OVC019 RMK SN6SC2
    METAR CYWG 111300Z 09011G17KT 5/8SM R36/P6000FT/N -SN BKN004 OVC020 00/00 A3012 RMK SN3SF2SC2 SLP210
    SPECI CYWG 111313Z 10011KT 5/8SM R36/P6000FT/D -SHGS BKN004 OVC020 RMK SN4SF2SC2
    SPECI CYWG 111345Z 10012KT 3/8SM R36/3000VP6000FT/D SN VV004 RMK SN8
    METAR CYWG 111400Z 10012G18KT 3/8SM R36/2400FT/D SN VV002 00/00 A3014 RMK SN8 SLP214
    SPECI CYWG 111405Z 10013KT 1/4SM R36/2000FT/N +SN VV002 RMK SN8
    SPECI CYWG 111438Z 10013G18KT 1/2SM SN VV002 RMK SN8
CCA METAR CYWG 111500Z CCA 09014KT 1/2SM R36/1800V3500FT/N SN VV002 00/00 A3012 RMK SN8 /S03/ SLP213
    SPECI CYWG 111524Z 09013G18KT 3/8SM SN VV002 RMK SN8
    METAR CYWG 111600Z 09015KT 3/8SM R36/1800FT/N SN VV002 00/00 A3008 RMK SN8 /S04/ SLP197
    SPECI CYWG 111624Z 08014G21KT 3/8SM R36/3000FT/U SN VV004 RMK SN8
    METAR CYWG 111700Z 09017G24KT 1 1/4SM -SN BKN007 OVC071 00/00 A3004 RMK SN2SF4AC2 PRESFR /S05/ SLP186
    SPECI CYWG 111732Z 08015G21KT 1/4SM R36/1200VP6000FT/D +SN VV002 RMK SN8
    SPECI CYWG 111748Z 07015KT 1/8SM R36/0800V1100FT/N +SN VV002 RMK SN8
    METAR CYWG 111800Z 07015G20KT 1/8SM R36/0800FT/N +SN VV001 00/ A3004 RMK SN8 /S08/ SLP184
    SPECI CYWG 111830Z 07018KT 1/4SM R36/0700V1000FT/N +SN VV002 RMK SN8
    METAR CYWG 111900Z 06016KT 1/4SM +SN VV002 M00/M00 A3002 RMK SN8 /S01/ SLP178
    SPECI CYWG 111937Z 06018G26KT 3/4SM -SN VV004 RMK SN8
    METAR CYWG 112000Z 07021G26KT 1 1/2SM -SN OVC046 00/00 RMK SN5SC3 ALTM MISG
    SPECI CYWG 112025Z 07018G24KT 1/2SM SN VV006 RMK SN8
    METAR CYWG 112100Z 07018G27KT 1 1/2SM -SN OVC074 00/00 A2997 RMK SN5AC3 SLP160
    METAR CYWG 112200Z 05018G26KT 2 1/2SM -SNPL BR BKN009 OVC034 00/00 A2998 RMK SF6SC2 /S03/ SLP164
    SPECI CYWG 112241Z 04023G29KT 3SM -SN BR BKN007 OVC033 RMK SF6SC2
    METAR CYWG 112300Z 05023G28KT 5SM -SN BR BKN008 OVC033 00/00 A2995 RMK SF7SC1 SLP153
CCA SPECI CYWG 112316Z CCA 05024G29KT 10SM R36/2000VP6000FT/D -PL BKN008 OVC031 RMK SF7SC1
    METAR CYWG 120000Z 04025G31KT 3SM -SGPL BKN009 OVC025 M00/M00 A2992 RMK SF6SC2 SLP144
    METAR CYWG 120100Z 03018KT 2 1/2SM -SG BR BKN007 OVC032 M00/M00 A3001 RMK SF6SC2 PRSRR /S05/ SLP174
    SPECI CYWG 120139Z 04023G31KT 1SM R36/P6000FT/N -SHPL VV005 RMK PE8
    METAR CYWG 120200Z 04022G29KT 1 1/2SM -SHPL VV005 M00/M00 A2994 RMK PE8 PRES UNSTDY SLP149
    METAR CYWG 120300Z 05022KT 2SM -FZRA OVC007 M00/M00 A2994 RMK ST8 PRES UNSTDY SLP152

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