Students - Overview

This page provides information for students interested in Population Health research, or are already involved with MCHP at a graduate level, including:

Courses We Teach

MCHP Researchers teach a number of courses in the Max Rady College of Medicine. Drs. Dan Chateau, Alan Katz teach undergraduate courses in population health.  Drs. Marni Brownell, Malcolm Doupe, Leslie Roos, Noralou Roos and Nathan Nickel all teach graduate courses in Community Health Sciences.

MCHP staff also support educational and technical tutorials and workshops. We offer online tutorials, and provide workshop materials as well as detailed explanations of structural equation statistical modeling techniques.  We also deliver in-person 20-hour SAS tutorials for beginner to intermediate SAS-users.

For more detailed information please see: MCHP - Courses We Teach

Student Projects

Students can access the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository for their research project, for a small fee. Students are expected to carry out their own analyses, once they have completed an accreditation course. MCHP has a number of students supervised by MCHP researchers, or using the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository for their projects.

Find out more about MCHP students and their projects on the MCHP Students Website.

Support, Awards and Prizes

There are a number of supports available to students working with the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository including:

Student Opportunities

From time to time MCHP researchers have opportunities for students to work as Research Assistants. See the MCHP Career Opportunities web page for current opportunities.

Last Updated: October 18, 2017