References and Acknowledgements


At various stages in the process of converting the MCHP SAS manual to an online Web-based version, including the major changes incorporated in the version 9.1 of SAS, Charles Burchill, Sumit Gupta, Stephen Dueck, Ruth Bond, and Jill MacGregor were most helpful with their suggestions and feedback.

The three sample data sets referenced in this tutorial are from three different sources:

  • The htwt data set used in the example programs is from SAS Language and Procedures - Introductory Guide SAS Institute Inc., 1990).
  • The simulated Manitoba Health data set (fivet93m.raw) was prepared by Carmen Steinbach of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Evaluation.
  • The clinical data set (clinical.dat) is from The SAS Workbook (Ron Cody, 1996).


Certain SAS titles represent useful standard reference books for developing SAS programs; the following are just a few from the massive library of the SAS Institute (this list is for Version 6; Version 8 manuals are becoming available):

  • SAS Procedures Guide, 1990.
  • SAS Language: Reference, 1990.
  • SAS Language and Procedures (both Usage 1 and Usage 2), 1991.
  • SAS STAT User's Guide (both Volume 1 and 2), 1990.

Additional Suggested References for the New User

  • Cody, Ronald P and Jeffrey K. Smith: Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall Inc., 1991.
  • Cody, Ron: The SAS Workbook. Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc., 1996.
  • Cody, Ron and Ray Pass: SAS Programming by Example. Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc., 1995.
  • Delwiche, Lora D. and Slaughter Susan J.: The Little SAS Book: A Primer., Third Edition. Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc., 2003
  • DiIorio, Frank C: SAS Applications Programming: A Gentle Introduction. PWS-Kent Publishing Company., 1991
  • Spector, Paul E.: SAS Programming for Researchers and Social Scientist. Sage Publications Ltd.