Programming Alternatives

Starting with SAS 9.2 the University of Manitoba SAS site licence includes SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS IML Studio.  These additioanl programs provide an interative graphic user interface (GUI) for using SAS to manipulate data and run analysis.

SAS Enterprise Guide basically writes SAS code for you in a visual programming enviornment or designer.  All of the tasks are displayed as interconnected icons in the designer and follow a graphic process flow.  Each task can be opened individually to display the actual code, log, and results. Your own SAS code can be added as a task within a process for custom data manipulation or analysis.  Groups of tasks or processes can be re-run at any time as necessary. 

IML Studio allows you access to more complex analytics and PROC IML.  It also provides hooks into the R statistical programming environment if it is available.

The MCHP SAS PC Tutorial contains a brief introduction to both of these utilitites.

More information on SAS Enterprise Guide can be found through SAS at:

More information on IML Studio can be found through SAS at:


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