Pledge of Privacy

The Manitoba Centre for Health Policy strictly adheres to its Privacy Code and Principles.

In fact, we've taken them further, with our own Pledge of Privacy. Our top priority is to respect the privacy of users and providers of the health care system, and furthermore, to protect data against loss, destruction or unauthorized use.

Our Promise:

Respect Privacy: MCHP through the University of Manitoba is a public trustee of sensitive de-identified information. We are bound by legislation, professional ethical standards and moral responsibility to never share, sell under any circumstance or use the data for purposes other than approved research. We ensure that all data under our management are de-identified, and that their use adheres to strict procedures, practices and policies.

Safeguard Confidentiality: We respect the confidentiality of sensitive and private information. All staff and collaborating researchers must sign an oath of confidentiality; anyone who breeches this oath faces immediate loss of access to data and possible dismissal. All records are de-identified before we receive them. Before findings are released, all MCHP publications are reviewed by Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors and/or appropriate data providing agency and our own management to further ensure individual privacy.

Provide Security: The environment in which research is conducted is tightly controlled. We restrict access to our workplace with additional levels of security for access to data spaces. The security of data is further protected through state-of-the-art technology, including but not limited to firewalls, encryption, password access and monitoring of users. The databases are housed on computers that are isolated to prevent access by unauthorized persons.


Charles Burchill, MSc, Associate Director, Data Access & Use.

Charles is the MCHP Liaison with the UofM FIPPA/PHIA Office. He can be contacted with questions regarding the security, privacy and confidentiality of the data housed in the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository (repository) housed at MCHP.

Phone: (204) 789-3429
Fax: (204) 789-3910

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