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The Manitoba Population Research Data Repository has two specific COVID-19 datasets available for research that are currently being used in several provincial and multi-jurisdictional research projects. In addition, some of the regular Repository data is being updated on a monthly basis. This page summarizes the COVID-19 data that is available, the Repository data that is being updated, and lists the ongoing COVID-19 related research projects. Additional detailed information on the COVID-19 data and research projects is available through hyperlinks.  

Repository Data - COVID-19 Related Data and Monthly Updates

  • COVID-19 Lab Testing and Results Data
    Lab Testing and Results data includes test information and results, acquisition information and patient date of birth, postal code and group (e.g. health care worker, general public.)
  • COVID-19 Surveillance Data
    Surveillance data includes Case and Contact Investigation information, such as infection and acquisition classifications, symptoms, risk factors, exposure, interventions and transmission assessments.
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations - Weekly Updates
    Vaccinations - Weekly data contains vaccination data related only to COVID-19 vaccinations in Manitoba and includes number of doses received, delivery location and organization, immunization reason, SNOMED code and description, and vaccination date. This data is currently updated weekly.
  • Repository Data Being Updated Monthly
    We are updating some of our regular Repository data on a monthly basis. This includes all relevant data, not just cases related to COVID-19. This data includes the Health Insurance Registry (i-Registry), Medical Claims / Medical Services, Critical Care and Medicine (ICU data), Drug Program Information Network (DPIN) prescriptions, Emergency Department Information System (EDIS), and Immunizations data.
  • Repository Data Not Being Updated Monthly
    Some of our regular Repository data is not being updated on a monthly basis. An example of this is the Hospital Abstract (admissions and discharges) data.

For more detailed information about the COVID-19 data available and the regular Repository data we are updating on a monthly basis please see our Repository Data - COVID-19 and Updates web page.  The descriptions of the COVID-19 data available include summary information on the datasets, variables within each dataset, and the date range of available data.

Ongoing COVID-19 Research Projects

There are several COVID-19 provincial and national research projects underway that are using the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository, including:

  • Projection of COVID-19 Pandemic and Possible Interventions in Manitoba
    Mahmoud Torabi
  • Evaluating the Impact of the Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic on Manitobans Diagnosed with Cancer
    Kathleen Decker
  • Deferred Care Outcomes in Canadian Children and Youth: Measuring and Mitigating Risk during COVID-19
    Marni Brownell (Local Manitoba Primary Investigator); Astrid Guttmann (National Primary Investigator)
  • A Distinction-based Study on Equity in COVID-19 Testing and Associated Outcomes for Manitoba First Nations, Metis and Inuit
    Nathan Nickel
  • Predictors of COVID-19 Incidence and Severity: A Population-Based Case-Control Study
    Salah Mahmud
  • Evaluating the differential impact of what we have done, as we prioritize what to do next: a multi-provincial intervention modeling study using population-based data
    Alan Katz (Local Manitoba Primary Investigator);  Sharmistha Mishra (National Primary Investigator)
  • Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 on Health Care Utilization Psychotropic Drug Use, And Mortality among Individuals Living With Mental Illness: A Population-Based Study Using Administrative Data
    Christine Leong
  • Developing Strategies to Support First Nation Communities' Decision-Making during COVID-19 Outbreaks
    Josie Lavoie
  • The Impact of Population-Level Physical Distancing During COVID-19 Pandemic on Health Care Services in Manitoba: A Focus on Vulnerable Populations
    Sherif Eltonsy

For more detailed information about these research projects, please see our Ongoing COVID-19 Research Projects web page.

Interested in COVID-19 Research?

If you are interested in COVID-19 research using the the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository, please read our How to Work With Us page for more information and learn how to apply for access to the Repository. For more information about data at MCHP that is not COVID-19 specific, please see the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository Data List page.

Other COVID-19 Related Research Links

Other Canadian organizations are involved in COVID-19 research.  Below are links to some of these organizations:

Last Updated: May 25, 2021