MCHP Data Access Process (DAP)
Data Access Flowchart Contacts and Information Links MCHP Project Feasibility and Data Access Quote Form

The Manitoba Centre for Health Policy's (MCHP) Data Access Process (DAP) are the steps a researcher needs to complete in order to access the data and perform research using the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository.  MCHP acts as a steward for the databases housed in the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository and specific approvals and guidelines are required for use.

The DAP involves 11 individual steps listed below:

  1. MCHP Accreditation 
  2. Research Proposal 
  3. MCHP Project Feasibility and Data Access Quote Form 
  4. Feasibility Review and Project Funding Confirmation 
  5. Privacy, Ethics and Data Provider Approvals / Permissions 
  6. Researcher Agreement and Approval Documentation Submission 
  7. Project Initiation 
  8. Amendments 
  9. Project Reporting and Annual Renewals 
  10. Data Use and Output Guidelines 
  11. Project Closure 

Each Step in the DAP is linked to its own web page that contains more detailed information about the process and a list of required tasks to be completed.  A navigation bar located at the top of each Step page provides links to the DAP flowchart, the Contact and Information Links page, and quick navigation to the previous and next Steps in the DAP.

Expect the DAP to take 4 months from initial submission of the MCHP Project Feasibility and Data Access Quote Request form, to receipt of all the necessary approvals and agreements.  This time frame assumes that funding is in place.

Additional DAP resources include:

  • the MCHP Data Access Process Flowchart - illustrates the 11 steps involved in the DAP and provides hyperlinks to each of the individual Step web pages.
  • Contacts and Information Links page - provides a comprehensive, organized list of contacts/emails and links to relevant information (e.g. guidelines, forms).
  • a Data Access Process Checklist  - to help a researcher manage all of the tasks involved in the DAP - COMING SOON

For more information, or should you have any questions about the Data Access Process, please contact the MCHP Repository Access Unit (RAU) at:

Last updated: March 11, 2020