Concept Dictionary and Glossary for Population Based Research

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The Concept Dictionary and Glossary represent a series of "tools" which have been developed at MCHP to permit application of a variety of theoretical frameworks, analytical techniques, statistical approaches and mapping resources appropriate for use with administrative data bases. 

  • Concept Dictionary - describes over 300 research concepts developed at MCHP for analysing data contained in the Data Repository housed at MCHP. These detailed operational definitions of variables or measures used in MCHP research include a discussion of the issue(s) involved, approaches used, programming tips/cautions, SAS code (where not restricted for internal use), additional readings, and references.
  • Additional information includes:
  • Glossary - documents terms commonly used in population based research. Each Glossary term contains a brief definition (and its source), links to related Glossary terms and concepts in the Concept Dictionary, reference information, as well as links to external sites.


This resource was created to assist users of the extensive, rich, Data Repository housed at MCHP. The Concept Dictionary arose at MCHP out of a desire to help researchers carry out methodologically sound research using consistent, validated algorithms. In turn, researchers who share their discoveries help to grow and improve the value of this publicly-accessible resource.  

We are grateful to all researchers and analysts who contribute their time and effort to this resource by creating new concepts and/or updating existing concepts. We encourage contributions to the Concept Dictionary; guidelines for  concept development are described in the Concept Development Template.

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Last updated: June 26, 2017