Services We Provide

The Manitoba Population Research Data Repository is a resource for researchers wishing to study the health and social well-being of Manitobans. MCHP staff can provide support for researchers in the following ways, and can tailor their support to the budget available:

  • Provide accreditation and orientation for researchers planning to use the Repository.

    Anyone wishing to access the Repository must complete an accreditation process. Please see the MCHP Accreditation Process for more information about MCHP.

  • Assist and support researchers planning studies using the Repository.

    MCHP has a team of staff who can help researchers identify what data are available and whether their project idea is feasible. This team will help academics, researchers and students. We encourage you to explore what data we have and discuss your project idea with Charles Burchill, Associate Director, Data Access and Use, available at:

  • Assist and support you during the development of your research proposal and obtaining the necessary approvals for your research to proceed.

    Anyone wishing to use the Repository for research must submit a detailed research proposal, obtain approvals from the Manitoba Health Information Privacy Committee (HIPC), the University of Manitoba Research Ethics Boards (REB), and the appropriate Data Providers; and sign a Researcher Agreement. Detailed information on how to develop a proposal, get approvals and sign a Researcher Agreement is provided on the Applying for Access web page.

  • Provide access to your data in a secure environment by agreement.

    MCHP staff will prepare your datasets and provide you access to them in a secure environment.

  • Provide analytical services for your research project.

    Our analysts will carry out analyses using proven methods for your approved project on a fee-for-service basis.

  • Provide SAS training for researchers / project team who plan to conduct their own analyses.

    MCHP uses SAS® as a data platform. An online SAS Training tutorial is available here: The MCHP SAS PC Tutorial, including an index for the tutorial and a manual for the tutorial.