Data Repository Documentation

Below are resources and documents that describe the Repository data and the processes and practices associated with this data.

1. Data List

Acting as an inventory of all databases held in the repository, this list includes information concerning the data provider, the available years of data, and the category of data.  This list also contains links to summary descriptions of data held within the Repository.

2. Data Years Chart

The Data Years Chart offers a visual representation of the data held in the Repository, identifying the years of data available in an easy to read format.

3. Repository Diagram

This diagram provides an overview of the categories of data held in the Repository.

4. Dataflow Diagram

This diagram illustrates the flow of data into the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy from the various agencies and government departments.

5. Repository Growth

This chart outlines the expansion of the Data Repository from 1991 to present.

6. Documentation Management Framework

The Data Management Framework document identifies issues and solutions to document creation, management, and evaluation in the context of MCHP's Data Management unit.  Despite this focus, much of the information provided can be expanded to other work units or organizations concerned with the management of their own documentation.

7. Data Management Process

This chart outlines the various steps in the Data Management process at MCHP.