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MCHP maintains a number of resources and tools that provide information about the research process, Data Repository content / management, and the research methods / definitions we have developed using the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository. These resources and tools are briefly described below, with hyperlinks to more detailed information available on our web site.

Research Process

  • Applying for Access - explains the steps required to access the data in the Data Repository, including developing a research proposal and obtaining approvals to use the data for your research.
    • Amendments - outlines the requirements for reporting changes to the study protocol.
    • Project Reporting & Annual Renewals - outlines the requirements for reporting and providing annual status reports.
    • Data Use and Output Guidelines - outlines the confidentiality obligations applicable to all projects with regard to data processing and release of information, including publications and presentations.
  • Accreditation - provides an overview of MHCP and the data access and use process to everyone with access to a MCHP computer system and all principal investigators on projects being carried out at MCHP (a requirement since April, 2010). Accreditation is required before your research project can begin, and on an annual basis.

Data Repository Content / Management

  • Data Descriptions - is an interactive tool that provides detailed descriptions of all the databases available in the Repository.
  • Data List - is an interactive tool that provides a summary listing of the database name, years of data available, and the provider agency for all (or selected) databases available in the Repository.
  • Data Quality - provides information about the formalized Data Quality Evaluation process at MCHP and the SAS macros used to automate this process. These macros are available for downloading.
  • Data Repository Documentation - contains a list of available data documentation that provides more insight into the Data Repository and Data and Documentation Management Processes at MCHP.
  • Manitoba Population Research Data Repository Concept - describes the general contents, structure, and history of the Repository.

Research Methods and Definitions

Additional resources are available on the left-hand menu and tab bar at the top of this page.