Faculty Members Accepting Students
Booth, Stephanie (Adjunct Professor)
Research Interests: two main research goals: (i) to identify the role of microRNA regulators of immunity in brain infections, and (ii) to increase our understanding of the mechanism of neuronal death in prion-induced neurodegeneration as a means to identify novel therapeutics and biomarkers
Specialty: Virology
Affiliation: Public Health Agency of Canada
Both MSc and PhD students in the 2018 academic year

Booth, Timothy (Adjunct Professor)
Research Interests: Viral diseases and public health. Diagnosis and epidemiology of virus infections. Virus structure, evolution, morphogenesis and pathogenesis. Diagnostic imaging of infectious diseases. Modes of transmission of viral infections, aerobiology of virus transmission, intervention strategies including anti-virals and vaccines.

MSc / PhD students for 2018 summer or fall

Murooka, Thomas (Assistant Professor)
Research Interests: understanding how the interplay between the host immune system and the microbial world dictates whether a pathogen is cleared or allowed to persist.
Affiliation: GlaxoSmithKline Professor of Immunology and Infectious Disease Reseach

MSc or PhD student 2018 summer or fall

  Yao, Xiao-Jian (Professor)
Research Interests: Investigation of molecular mechanisms underlying the early stage of HIV-1 replication, especially on HIV-1 integrase/cellular protein interactions required for HIV-1 DNA nuclear import, chromatin targeting and integration. Study on the mechanism involved in the combat between HIV-1 Vif and host defenders during HIV-1 replication, and development of new antiviral strategies by using host anti-HIV molecules. Development of new preventative and therapeutic strategies against HIV-1 infection and transmission. Development of a safe and sensitive avian influenza virus entry system for studying of the impact of H5N1 HA mutations on virus entry in human cells and for screening antiviral agents.
MSc student in 2018-2019
Bay, Denice (Assistant Professor)
Research Interests: Analysis of bacterial and fungal antimicrobial multidrug transporters structure-function, cell regulation, and evolution using a multidisciplinary approach involving molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, and bioinformatics techniques.
MSc student to start in the winter term 2018
Cardona, Silvia (Associate Professor)
Research Interests: Opportunistic bacteria, Burkholderia cepacia complex. Bacterial pathogenesis and microbial genomics. Antibacterial drug discovery.
Specialty: Burkholderia cepacia complex
Looking for Graduate students

Sharma, Meenu (Adjunct Professor)
Research Interest: mycobacterial pathogenicity with special interest in mycobacterial cell wall and host-immune response interaction
Specialty: Tuberculosis
Affiliation: Public Health Agency of Canada

Looking for Graduate students
Yoav Keynan, Yoav (Associate Professor)
Research Interests: Study of the innate and adaptive (T and B cell) immune responses to influenza infection and vaccination with emphasis on factors associated with Influenza cross-protection and disease severity. Study of the immunogenetic determinants of HIV disease progression, and the effect of anti-inflammatory interventions on immune reconstitution.
MSc and PhD students
McKinnon, Lyle (Assistant Professor)
Research Interests: Mucosal immunology of the gastrointestinal and female reproductive tracts, cell mediated immunity and immune cell homing, HIV transmission and pathogenesis, and Epidemiology of HIV transmission in key populations in Africa
Affiliations: Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), Honorary Lecturer, University of Nairobi
MSc and PhD students
Su, Ruey-Chyi (Adjunct Professor)
Research Interests: My main research focus has been to understand the molecular mechanisms facilitating the interaction of gene-regulation and environment (e.g., health, inflammation, infection) in disease susceptibility, vaccination and treatment.
Affiliations: HIV Immunogenetics & Epigenetics, National Laboratory for HIV Immunology, National HIV and Retrovirology Laboratories, Public Health Agency of Canada
Currently looking for Master Students who are interested in examining the impacts of pathogen on the epigenomes of human cells, using transcriptomic and epigenomic approaches (Feb 2018)