Dr. Xi Yang
Canada Research Chair In Infection and Immunity
Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology
Professor, Department of Immunology
Chair, Promotion and Tenure Committee
Department of Immunology, University of Manitoba

M.D. (Shandong, 1982), M.Sc. (Shanghai, 1985), Ph.D. (Manitoba, 1993)

Mailing Address:
Department of Medical Microbiology
745 Bannatyne Avenue, Room 523
Winnipeg, MB R3E 0J9

Tel: (204) 789-3481 Fax: (204) 789-3926 Lab: (204)789-3298
E-mail: X.Yang@umanitoba.ca 

Research Interests:
The current research program in my laboratory focuses on the cellular and molecular basis of immune responses to allergens and infectious agents and on the development of immunoprophylactic approaches for allergy and infectious diseases.

Project I . Study on hygiene hypothesis related to allergy/asthma. The objective of the study is to elucidate the mechanism underlying the long-term documented but unexplained mystery that as many countries reduce the burden of infectious diseases, a remarkable increase in the incidence of atopic allergies has occurred. Specifically, the project, using mouse models' is to study (I) the cellular and mechanisms by which bacterial and parasitic infections inhibit de novo and established allergic responses especially the roles of dendritic cells, NK/NKT cells, T cells and TLRs and various cytokines/chemokines; (ii) genetic factors influencing the manipulating effect of intracellular bacterial infections on allergic responses; and (iii) development of an engineered vaccine to universally inhibit atopic allergy.

Project II . Study of the protective immunity and immunopathology to chlamydial infection. The objective of the study is to dissect the cellular and molecular basis for chlamydial protective immunity and pathology. Specifically, this project will analyze: (I) the role of dendritic cells, NK/NKT cells, cytokines (chemokines) and adhesion molecules in the development or prevention of immunopathological responses; (ii) interaction of DC/NKT and DC/NK in chlamydial infections with a recent focus on the modulating effect of NKT/NK on the function of dendritic cells.

Project III . Development of vaccines for human chlamydial infection. The objective of the project is to develop a human vaccine against chlamydial infection. Various vaccination approaches including DNA vaccination and whole organism live mutant vaccine candidates are investigated.

Recent Publications:

For a list of Dr. Yang's PubMed articles, please click here

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Laboratory Members:
Shuhe Wang Research Associate wangs@cc.umanitoba.ca 789-3298
George Joyee PostDoc joyee_george@cc.umanitoba.ca 789-3298
Hong Bai PostDoc Hongbai25@163.com 789-3298
Jianjun Cheng Visiting Scholar tracy_zjk@163.com 789-3298
Xiaoling Gao PhD Student umgaox@cc.umanitoba.ca 789-3298
Lei Zhao Visiting Scholar light8266@yahoo.com.cn 789-3298

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