Dr. David Butler-Jones
Senior Medical Officer-Ottawa, and Regional Public Health Specialist- Atlantic, with First Nations Inuit Health, Health Canada

Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology , University of Manitoba

Degrees: M.D.(1978, Toronto), MHSc (1982, Toronto)

Mailing Address: 1015 Arlington Street, Room T2560, Winnipeg, MB R3E 3P6

Tel: (204) 789-7058 Fax: (204) 784-5939
E-mail: david.butler-jones@canada.ca

Research Interests:

  • population and public health
  • organizational delivery of health services
  • determinants of health

Recent Publications:

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    Publication as part of conference proceedings (WHO, PAHO and others) on such topics as Primary Health, Health System Reform, Immunization, Hepatitis C etc.

Publications in the form of reports as either primary or secondary author-
Examples include:
Tobacco or Health – Saskatoon 2003
Primary Health and Public Health – Saskatoon 2004
The role of Public Health and Surveillance – Health Canada 2003
Framework for Infection Control in First Nation's Communities – Health Canada 2003

Publications in the form of reports at the provincial or national level as chair or part of committees occurred on a range of health policy and public health topics.
Examples include:
Provincial Diabetes Strategy – Saskatchewan
Framework for Health Surveillance – Health Canada
Core Programs for Public Health – Saskatchewan
Infection Control manual – Saskatchewan
Population Health Promotion Manual – Saskatchewan
A range of Public Health related committees at the National and Provincial Levels