Dr. Darwyn Kobasa
Dr. Darwyn Kobasa

Adjunct Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology

Degrees: Ph.D., Research Scientist, Respiratory Viruses, Viral Diseases Division

Mailing Address: Viral Diseases Division, National Microbiology Laboratory, 1015 Arlington Street , Winnipeg , MB., R3E 3R2

Tel: (204) 789-6046, Fax: (204) 789-2082
E-mail: darwyn.kobasa@canada.ca

Research Interests:

My program at the NML is focused on the pathogenesis of respiratory viruses, primarily the influenza virus with emphasis on viral molecular determinants of virulence and host factors that contribute to severe disease. Viruses of particular interest include the avian H5N1 and 1918 pandemic viruses that are highly pathogenic in humans and animal models of infection. Our approaches emphasize techniques in molecular virology including reverse genetics to rescue genetically modified viruses generated entirely from cloned copies of the viral genes. The lab uses similar approaches to examine the biological properties and determinants of virulence of the SARS coronavirus using an infectious clone of the virus constructed in my laboratory.

We are also interested in the design and evaluation of conventional and experimental vaccines for influenza and other viral diseases. This work is done in collaboration with Dr. Gary Kobinger in the Special Pathogens Program at NML. In our conventional vaccine program we are developing methods and reagents required for rapid vaccine development that would be used in the event of a sudden appearance of new pandemic influenza virus. Our other interests include the development of novel vaccine strategies and vectors for vaccine delivery and approaches to optimize immunological responses to vaccination.

Recent Publications:

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