Dr. Adrienne Meyers
Meyers Head, Quality Management Unit
National Laboratory for HIV Immunology
National HIV & Retrovirology Laboratory

Public Health Agency of Canada
JC Wilt Infectious Diseases Research Centre
J1121 - 745 Logan Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3E 3L5

(O) 204.789.6481
(C) 204.227.7319
(F) 204.318.2221


Research Interests:
HIV pathogenesis, mechanisms of resistance to infection, mucosal innate immune mechanisms, and drug-resistance to antiretroviral therapies. Virology and innate immunology (NK cell biology), most recently with HIV, Influenza and Dengue.

Recent Publications:

For a list of Dr. Meyers' PubMed articles, please click here

  1. Ghadially H, Keynan Y, Kimani J, Kimani M, Ball TB, Plummer FA, Mandelboim O, and AFA Meyers.  2010.  Altered DC/NK interaction in Kenyan sex workers resistant to HIV-1 infection. 
  2. Songok EM, Osero B, McKinnon L, Rono MK, Apidi W, Matey EJ, Meyers AFA, Luo M, Kimani J, Wachihi C, Ball BT, Plummer FA, Mpoke S.  2010.  CD26/dipeptidyl peptidase IV (CD26/DPPIV) is highly expressed in peripheral blood of HIV-1 exposed uninfected female sex workers.  Virology Journal7:  343.
  3. Meyers and Fowke KR.  2010.  International Symposium on Natural Immunity to HIV:  A Gathering of the HIV Highly Exposed Seronegative Clan.  Journal of Infectious Diseases.  202(S3):  S327 - S328.
  4. Keynan Y, Juno J, Meyers A, Ball TB, Kumar A, Rubinstein E, and KR Fowke.  2010.  Chemokine receptor 5∆32 allele in patients with severe pandemic (H1N1) 2009.  Emerging Infectious Diseases16(10):  1621 -2.
  5. Filoviruses – New Insight into Virus Replication.  Meyers AFA, Feldmann H, Artsob H, Ebihara H. (2007).   in Hefferon (ed) Virus expression vectors. 381-413.
  6. Wasilenko ST, *Stewart TL, *Meyers AFA and M Barry.  2003.  Vaccinia virus encodes a previously uncharacterized mitochondrial-associated inhibitor of apoptosis.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences100:  14345-50.
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