Graduate Student Funding
Recommendations for Graduate Student Funding

No guarantee of funding to the student by the supervisor, the GSC or the Department is implied in the Department's recommendation for admission to the graduate program. Supervisors and students should develop a clear understanding regarding stipend arrangement. Supervisors should be prepared to commit a minimum amount of funds equivalent to the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship per student per year as a student stipend. Supervisors and students are encouraged to make every effort to secure funding from external agencies.

Funding for students can be sought from the following:

The Department of Medical Microbiology currently has a limited number of graduate stipends which it can award to faculty members to support students. Applications for these stipends are made by the supervisor to the GSC using the Student Stipend Application Form. The value of the awards is adjusted from time to time; supervisors may find out the current value from the GSC.

The following regulations apply to Departmental Stipends:
  • Normally, students are only eligible to receive a stipend for one year.
  • The student's supervisor must guarantee to bring the full student stipend up to a generally accepted minimum value of $17,500 (MSc) and $21,000 (PhD).
  • Only one stipend will be held by a supervisor at any one time.
  • The deadline for applications is July 1. Applications for student stipends should be submitted to the Chair of Graduate Studies prior to this date.
  • Priority will be given to developmental needs of the Department.
  • Support of new investigators
  • Support of programs deemed essential by the Head of the Department.
  • The supervisor must complete the application form and disclose the research funds related to the student's project.
  • The GSC will review all applications and make the final recommendation.
  • The Department Head will notify the supervisor of the Department's decision.

There are a variety of granting agencies that will support students with a stipend. These include both local and national agencies, a list of which is given below:

The University of Manitoba Faculty of Graduate Studies has a list of Awards and eligibility criteria for graduate students.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program