Manitoba Population Mental Health Research Group

Group Leader:  Jitender Sareen, MD

Mission: To investigate mental health with the use of epidemiologic studies to advance knowledge that improves patient care, and facilitates the development of evidence-based policy.

Vision: The group brings together investigators across different departments who have demonstrated excellence in population mental health research.  Together the Group is tackling important issues for Canadians (eg. First Nations suicide, miliary mental health, suicide, adolescent mental health and injuries).  With complementary expertise from clinical, biomedical, and statistical expertise, this group has demonstrated the capacity for conducting high-quality, internationally recognized research work.  The group is strongly linked with local and national policy-makers such that it can inform policy.  A strong focus of the research group is to develop the next generation of population mental health researchers.

Faculty Members at the University of Manitoba
Jitender Sareen, MD
Laurence Katz, MD
Tracie Afifi, PhD
James Bolton, MD
Sarvesh Logsetty, MD
Murray W. Enns, MD
Jennifer Hensel, MD
Renee El-Gabalawy, PhD
Natalie Mota, PhD

Research Associates
Jacquelyne Wong, MA

Graduate Students
Joanna Bhaskaran
Hayley Chartrand
Kristene Cheung
Tracy Deboer
Ryan Nicholson
Jason Randall
Kristin Reynolds
Leslie Roos
Tammy Taillieu
Yunqiao Wang

Lab Assistants
Simran Diocee
Kanika Parveen
Niketa Karnik
Kelsey Papineau
Abrar Latif
Essence Perera
Meredith Seager

Hygiea Casiano MD
Jolene Kinley, PhD
Kristen Klassen, PhD
Shay-Lee Bolton, PhD
Rae Spiwak, PhD
Alyson Mahar, PhD

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For More Information Contact

James Bolton, B.Sc., M.D., FRCPC*
Associate Professor, Director of Research, Department of Psychiatry

PZ-430 PsycHealth Centre
771 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, R3E 3N4
(Phone) 204-787-7078
(Fax) 204-787-4879
*denotes Medical Corporation