Personal Training & Fitness Assessment

Recreation Services provides the highest quality of personal training, counselling and fitness assessments. Our comprehensive services will assist you in defining your current state of fitness, improving on areas of weakness and enhancing areas of strength. A safe, effective and individualized program can be developed according to your needs, interests and goals. Monitoring your fitness level provides an excellent motivator to keep you on track.

Getting Started 2.5 hrs Assessment & Personal Training Session $106
The Starter 1.5 hrs Consultation & Personal Training Session $64
Healthy Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment 1.5 hrs Counselling, body composition, sub maximal aerobic fitness, muscular strength endurance, flexibility and balance $64
Body Composition Analysis 1 hrs Various packages available $40-$84
Maximal Aerobic Power (V02 max) 1 hrs Maximal aerobic power and maximal heart rate $76
The Works 2 hrs Counselling, body composition, V02 max, muscular strength endurance and flexibility $137

Personal Training

Research shows that a support system will significantly increase your chances of sticking with a positive lifestyle change. Let a Recreation Services Certified Personal Trainer be part of your plan. We will help you design and implement a personal fitness or physical activity program tailored to your goals. Individual and Partner Training is available.

Personal Training is available at both Frank Kennedy Centre and the Joe Doupe Centre.

Options Regular Rate Student Rate
Individual – 1 session $48 $44
Individual – 3 sessions $134 $125
Individual – 6 sessions $242 $229
Individual – 12 sessions $462 $433

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Please note that personal training is prohibited (in Frank Kennedy, Max Bell, IGAC and Joe Doupe) by any individual(s) not employed as a Recreation Services Certified Personal Trainer.

Lactate Testing Protocol Change

As part of its service to the community, Recreation Services has provided lactate testing on request. The test protocols that were used complied with industry standards & recommendations.

The recommended test protocols for lactate testing / blood sampling have recently changed (see the CSEP website) and the public health authority recommends that those who were tested be informed of the change in test protocol.

The public health authority does NOT recommend any follow-up testing for those individuals who had their blood lactate levels tested with Recreation Services. The protocols implemented and followed by Recreation Services were sufficient to deem virtually no risk to the participant during this activity.

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