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Information for Employers

Coop students

Why the Asper Co-op Program?

The Asper School of Business Co-operative Education Program is one of the University of Manitoba’s largest co-op programs and is CEWIL Canada and AACSB accredited. By joining the Asper Co-op Program, employers will have an opportunity to mentor students’ developing careers and to promote their corporate image by establishing a reputation as an employer of choice.

  • Entrance into the Asper Co-op Program is competitive. Successful applicants have been pre-screened and admitted to the program based on academic excellence, professionalism and communication skills.
  • Students complete mandatory workplace coaching and professional development training.
  • Asper Co-op students are motivated and eager to learn and bring a multitude of skillsets.

Funding Options Available

There are a variety of wage subsidies and tax incentives available for hiring co-op students, and qualifying employers can be eligible to receive up to $7,500.

As part of the Government of Canada's Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), a variety of funding opportunities are also available for employers to hire students for the purposes of experiential learning. This funding is being administered by Employment and Social Development Canada.

Employer Benifits

  1. Multiple start dates - Students are available year round and can begin work in January, May or September, for a four month period or longer.
  2. Recruitment strategy - Employing Co-op students is a cost-effective and low-risk means of recruiting and evaluating potential future hires. Co-op students can provide relief for short-term peaks in workload, or special projects and research.
  3. Top talent - Highly motivated and creative students can offer fresh perspectives and solutions to the issues facing your business.
  4. Be an employer of choice - Your organization will establish an enhanced presence amongst students and will be seen as an employer of choice by all students seeking employment.

Who are Asper co-op students?

Our Asper students are motivated and eager to learn as evidenced by their commitment to leadership roles in student groups, charitable organizations, and volunteer activities. Students will contribute their developing skills and knowledge to your business while simultaneously receiving meaningful professional experience relevant to their career goals.

Students can major in a wide range of specializations relevant to today’s business world including:

  • Indigenous Business Studies
  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Mathematics
  • Entrepreneurship / Small Business
  • Finance
  • Generalist
  • Human Resource Management / Industrial Relations
  • International Business
  • Leadership & Organizations
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management / Research

What skills do our students have to offer?

  • Time management
  • Software proficiencies
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Adaptability
  • Decision making

Hiring co-op talent

Asper Co-op students are available year-round during three recruitment periods:

Co-op recruitement periods

Employer testimonials

We asked: As a co-op employer, do you think participating in the co-op program has been a positive experience for your organization?

“Absolutely! By participating in the co-op program, we are extended the opportunity to work with, coach and develop our future talent, while also providing students with an invaluable learning and work experience.” - BDO Canada

“Yes! Our co-op student joined us at a time where he had to be on-boarded remotely.  He did very well in adapting to our new work environment, quickly finding ways to stay connected with others virtually so he felt like one of our team.  He helped us to align our Analysts by tracking progress in projects and creating great articles that helped the team share and stay connected.” -  IG Wealth Management

“It has been an incredibly positive experience for me as well as all my staff.  Our Asper Co-op student has quickly become a mentor to many of my high school aged staff and that has them now thinking about their post-secondary schooling.  Our co-op student has introduced ‘a never let anyone tell you it can’t be done’ attitude.  My team now sees our company as not only a part of their work career but also their schooling.  Amazing!” - Canadian Tire Corporation

“I was so impressed with the quality of the students available as part of the Asper Co-op program and was even more impressed by our student’s contributions to my team. Her level of expertise, enthusiasm and support made the co-op placement a fabulous experience.” -  James W. Burns Leadership Institute